[ About Us ]

We create and oversee the execution of a plan through specific initiatives, this provides a clear roadmap that orchestrates all relevant digital channels and tactics (i.e. websites, content marketing, networking on social media, e-commerce, search and social advertising, SEO, marketing automation, apps, media/blogger outreach, etc.) into one actionable plan.


Whether you need just a little bit of hand holding, or you want ongoing in-depth guidance, our social media consulting can be structured to fit your needs and budget. Our consulting services give clients the benefit of a relationship with a social media expert, without the limitations of a prescribed scope of work. Most of our social media services are available on a consulting basis.

Account Creation

Setting up your social accounts with the technical infrastructure to house your branded graphics and messaging is one of our specialties. Once your accounts and website integration are in place, we have proven strategies to grow your targeted audience in order to meet your goals.

Content Campaigns

Design social content campaigns using this knowledge to maximize engagement and audience growth among key demographics that are relevant to your organization. Branded content is a key factor that is leveraged in content campaigns to drive traffic and generate leads.

[ Services ]

The best way we can add value to your company is to grow your revenue, profit, and brand equity. Analyze Client’s present and potential social media strategy; needs, goals and objectives.


Working with a well-developed strategy will help ensure the best use of limited resources. We can help you identify which business goals your social media activity should address. Understanding your available resources will then guide us in mapping out the best strategic approach to meet your goals. Having a clear picture of what you want to achieve and how you expect to achieve it are key indicators of successful marketing.


Our audits are a great way to assess your social media efforts within the context of your industry’s competitive landscape. Whether you are working towards specific goals and want an accurate reading on your results, or you need to assess where to put your social media efforts, these audits are an easy way to get a good overview of where you stand.


Community management, website integration, content and advertising campaigns… we’re your integrated social marketing team. With our extensive expertise on all social networks, we will leverage social media to your best advantage, focusing on an integrated approach to meet your goals.


With technical and legal requirements in constant flux, we make it our business to ensure that the contests we design and run for you always meet the current guidelines of each social platform. We view social contests as useful tools that are often successful in driving offline activity as well as social engagement.

Competitive Analysis

Wondering how you are faring in social media as compared to your competitors? Our competitive analysis offers insights as to where you and your top competitors stand on the social landscape. This analysis can often help direct a comprehensive social strategy in a tight market.

Onsite Optimization

A seamless integration between your website and your social networks will help ensure success when driving traffic in either direction. There are many tools available to maximize a social presence on your website, and we are well versed in how to choose and implement them.

Community Building

Beyond growing your social audience, we can implement strategies to build a social community around your brand. This creates a greater value for every community member who views or engages with your content. This community can be nurtured online, or further developed and engaged offline.

Audience Targeting

We research your industry and relevant targeted keywords to identify who the movers and shakers are within the social sphere. Using social media to engage influencers, along with targeted content, can help your content reach a larger audience with results that can include brand recognition, traffic generation, lead generation and audience growth.

Community Monitoring

Keeping an eye on your social activity is key once you are up and running. Our team can provide 24/7 support and monitoring in several languages. We monitor social communities and moderate both positive and negative situations quickly. Our monitoring and moderation services are scaled to meet the size and needs of your growing social audience.

[ Our Clients ]

Whether you are interested in developing the expertise to monitor or manage your social activity in-house, or you want to train your employees on best practices and social engagement strategies, we can create an in-house training program designed to cater to your specific needs. We offer one-on-one training sessions as well as large group classes for departments or entire companies.

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